3 Lessons I Learned in October

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October 30.  For some, this date means the eve before costumes and candies.  For others it signified the last time they could breathe before the holiday circus.

 For me, it was the date I walked into a new decade.  It is the day I humbly reflected on the many lessons life has graciously taught me so far in my personal life and in business.

 30 years young and I learned…

  • Self-pace is a lost concept.  Social media rushes you but everything happens exactly when it should.  It is crucial to trust and enjoy the process. The seed for Mel Sharell Paper & Company was planted in 2015.  It did not come to fruition until 2018. It is important to take your time and tend to your garden. Give it what it needs to flourish so that when it is time to bloom you’ll be ready to receive it.
  • I am the only one responsible for my success and failures. I have to know who I am especially when the pressure is on.  I learned (and am still learning) this with building a business. This tests one’s character like none other. I am always doing self-checks to keep a positive flow of energy.  If there is not good energy over my work I take a break and come back until I’m back in alignment. This leads to another lesson which is that I have to be accountable to myself.  Yes, it does take a village but that village can’t be leaned on all the time. It’s just not fair to them.
  • “True happiness” is elusive.  Life is about obtaining peace, nurturing it, and protecting it with a vengeance. This only came for me after I spent time revising who I was separate from my achievements, accolades, and labels.  It was only then that I was able to enjoy my own company, confidently but lovingly say “no” to things, people, or otherwise that did not align with me.

The last, and most important lesson, for me was the realization the life gives back to me exactly what I put into it.  This is why I have to be appropriate with how I use my time to get what I desire most out of life. This also means minding my words, thoughts, and habits.

This is all still a work I progress, as we all are, but here I am.  Enthusiastically walking into a new decade with a fortified sense of purpose, clarity of direction, deeper inner peace, and a few nuggets of wisdom to bring with me along the way.  

Want to know something else?  Aside from me turning 30 on October 30th, this number also symbolizes awakened creativity, optimism, and a brighter future. I want to share the specialness of my Golden Year with you by offering you a free gift with the purchase of a planner.

One of my personal goals is to place The Pinnacle Planner in the hands of 30 people eager to awaken their creativity and pen their fruitful 2019 by December 30th.  Do you have family or friends that need a little help with becoming an impactful leader, goal-setting, and increasing productivity? My Pinnacle Planner can make a great gift!


Each purchase made during the month of November will support Securing Her Experience, a local non-profit organization that equips girls grades K-8 with leadership skills.  

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