4 Ways to Discipline Your Mind

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“You shouldn’t give circumstances the power to rouse anger, for they don’t care at all.” 

Would you have thought that planning and disciplining your mind go hand-in-hand? It does!  In fact, the essence of intentional planning is mastery of your mind and your time.  When you are planning your days you are essentially deciding what deserves your energy, your thoughts, talents, skills, reactions, and, most, importantly, what does not.  

This why disciplining your mind through perspective is absolutely important when considering your plans for the day, week, month, and year.  It’s bigger than goal-setting.  It’s the pathway of becoming an evolved person while you are reaching your goal(s) because the truth is, our plans will change, but our purpose remains the same.  Life hands us constant distractions to test our focus. Challenges to test our faith, character and strength. Inconveniences to test our commitment, and frustrations to challenge our resilience.  But, the leader breaks through it all based on the way in which the challenge is perceived.

Our external circumstances do not care about our feelings, or our emotional reactions to them. They are not living, breathing beings.  We are the gatekeepers of our soul and how we perceive what happens to us. So, I encourage you to become disciplined in protecting your peace of mind with what you choose to give your time and energy to. View it through eyes of learning a valuable personal lesson or trying to understand the other person.  You never know, you could open a lane to diffuse a situation, make someone feel understood, welcomed, or heard. You can even experience a personal growth moment you didn't know you needed. 

If you find yourself wasting your precious time and energy reacting to external circumstances, simply stop to ask yourself these questions: 

  • What can I learn about myself in this challenging situation? 
  • What can learn about others? 
  • What lesson can I share with others so as to keep them from approaching it how I did?
  • How did this challenge better prepare me for the future?


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