The Journey

Hey There!

I’m Melinda.  A wife, mother to a mini-golden doodle, and Founder of Mel Sharell Paper & Company.  The idea for this brand came to me as I sat staring at my desk, head in my hands, feeling emotionally and mentally overwhelmed.   

I had recently moved to Washington, D.C. for my dream job in international education when I was put into my first visible leadership role working with colleagues who had many more working years than I had at the time.

With waning confidence and a seemingly never-ending to-do list, I needed something to help me balance my desire to become an inspiring leader, manage my day-to-day responsibilities, and help me meet my personal and professional goals. 

I looked for convenient and simple tools that would help me develop a leadership mindset while building intentional planning habits to use throughout my long and busy days.  But, all I could find were expensive, inconvenient one-off training courses or dense reading material that didn’t speak to my situation as a first-generation professional, or as an emerging millennial leader. 

I became frustrated with the search and decided to use my personal day planner to write down tips from various audio books, podcasts, friends, and mentors that I encountered throughout the day.  I applied these key principles to my daily routine and gradually developed the soft skills to lead this new season of my life with confidence, work more efficiently, and encourage others along the way. 

Finally! My personal and professional life were back in balance and I no longer felt like I was spinning my wheels. 

As a new wife and entrepreneur, I understand all too well how busy life can get. This is why I created a space where you'll find the tools and resources to help you bring balance back into your life while empowering your leadership skills. 

I stand on the belief that to lead with love, meet your goals, stay organized, and help others to do the same is all in a day's work, and I'm happy to help you do just that. The debut product, The Pinnacle Planner, is a classically designed companion tool that will coach you throughout the year to keep you on track to do what matters to you most.  

I'm happy you're here! I invite you to take a look around and keep in touch by signing up to the monthly newsletter to receive free downloads, insider news, and tips for living and leading well. 

Thanks for trusting us to take this journey with you!




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