Personalized Coaching - Limited Spots Available


Personalized 30-minute Coaching Session

Every high-achiever has a team of advisers, coaches or mentors to help them reach their new next level but they cost a gazillion dollars. As a former classroom teacher, it's always been my passion to help others fulfill their potential, work smarter, and identify ways to overcome limiting factors. I realize that starting with a fresh planner or even on a new set of goals can be overwhelming--simply because change is hard. 
Have you struggled with finding, or maintaining, a productivity system that works best for you, your life and your leadership style? For a limited time, I'll be offering personalized coaching sessions based on The Pinnacle Planner that will help you: 
  • Establish strategies to work more efficiently
  • Share tactical tips to help you achieve your goals based on your life flow 
  • Provide strategies to overcome procrastination and burnout. 
  • Provide tips to harness your inner leadership power
      You no longer have to go at it alone! Now you have access to your very own leadership development + planning coach.  In addition to several years of teaching students from various ages and backgrounds, feel free to check out some of my work here.  
      Each 30-min session is complimentary with the purchase of the 2020 Pinnacle Planner.  A scheduling link will be emailed to you after your purchase.